The Carolina’s Chapter has made amazing progress despite rainy weather and high winds. They are fast becoming the FDVG’s most promising state chapter. This past weekend they started the process of erecting a tent in preparation of painting the F-14 Tomcat. Surface Technologies donated the custom-made tent.

Carolina’s CO Bill Parks said that “I don’t think we’ve had a full weekend yet without some kind of weird weather condition. But as we did on the flight deck while serving in the Navy, we work through it as we did then.”

“Tourist season is upon us,” said FDVG XO Michael Deacon. “The USS Yorktown is gearing up for the start of their big tour season and we’re anxious to get this thing done for all to enjoy. We’ll hopefully have some good weather the next couple of weekends so we can finish this project.”

Deacon was asked what the FDVG’s Restoration Team plans to do once this project is completed. “We’ll start another, but we have to raise money that will be directed towards these projects.”

No money was raised, borrowed, or donated for this restoration project, from sanders to sand paper, compressors, generators to safety equipment all was purchased or donated from our volunteers and these members travel to the Yorktown every weekend from all over the country at their own expense to volunteer. Fuel, food, and lodging come out of their pocket—a testimony to the dedication our members show on these types of projects.

“It’s an honor to continue serving alongside these truly dedicated members.” Deacon said. “The preservation of naval aviation history is a very important part of our mission statement and these aircraft are veterans to us! We want the general public to see these birds in the best condition they can and we aim to do just that.” To help with this project please email Michael Deacon at