Thirty-one members from the Carolina Chapter and several from the Florida group embarked on the historic floating museum: USS Yorktown in Charleston SC. Some volunteers traveled hundreds of miles to dust off those skills from their former flight deck experiences and expertise.

“It’s amazing! I have not touched an aircraft in 30 years. Heck, I have not stepped on a flight deck in 30 years. Standing up here with the wind in my face and that ever so familiar naval-vessel smell just took me back to a much simpler time and place. I want to thank the Flight Deck Veterans Group and USS Yorktown for allowing me to take a step back, if only for the weekend,” one volunteer said.

The USS Yorktown F-14 restoration project is scheduled to last through April with plans for a ceremonial unveiling on April 16, 2016.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! If you would like to participate in this project, please email for information. Members are traveling from all over the country in order to help so don’t miss this opportunity to use those old skills. We need you!