Cindy Kirby, a Veteran U.S. Navy Aviation Boatswains Mate- Fuels, Aviation Maintenanceman and Navy Career Counselor, has distinguished herself with actions above and beyond what is expected in her performance as a Therapeutic Recreational Specialist, working with paralyzed veterans at the San Antonio, TX Department of Veterans Affairs. Cindy Kirby has been working with disabled veterans and their readjustment to life with introducing new mobility challenges, adapted sports and activities of daily living. She works with Veterans who have sustained injuries such as quadriplegic, trauma brain injuries, PTSD, amputees and paraplegic injuries. Cindy Kirby has gone out of her way to ensure these veterans are well cared for, and has proven clients that life will go on as normal with their new found life.

Cindy Kirby’s devotion, selfless service and dedication to her fellow veterans has demonstrated a high level of camaraderie and pride in service. She brings great credit to herself, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the U.S. Navy, and the Flight Deck Veterans Group.

Bravo Zulu, Shipmate Kirby!!!